Webbies Go Wild!!

  February 16-February 22 The NASSCO Experience         Wow, our second to last week. The Marine Group Experience         We’re ready to leave. Weekend Plans        On Saturday, some of us went to the beach        On Sunday, some of us went to the San Diego Zoo!         We took no photos. This blog is dying. 

We Wear Our Hardhats Backwards

February 8th-February 15th The NASSCO Experience         AJ disassembled a clutch. He also grinded some metal. Everyone else did the exact same thing as last week.          Wearing your hardhat backwards is a hot, fresh look. Check out AJ in the photo below wearing his hardhat backwards! He’s finally cool! The Marine Group Experience         Yeah, they’re living it up. The Weekend         On Friday, the boys had a boy’s night and ate lots of limes (see photo below). These boys will NOT get scurvy!!         Enjoy the photos from this weekend. We met some alumni in Balboa Park on Saturday in a COVID-friendly manner. Margo explored and relaxed at many beaches (see photos below). Miguel’s parents cooked a delicious feast for us for dinner on Sunday!! The food was incredible!!         In the photo below, you can see our favorite animal swimming in the ocean: a brick! We love nature!         The photo below is of some tidepools near Ocean Beach.

The Gang Visits Santa Barbara

February 1-February 7 The NASSCO Experience         Kohta continued writing his epic pipe-fitter saga. Kohta also went on a few inspections. Margo taught a supervisor some excel witchcraft. AJ worked with an outside machinist in the shaft of the TAO. Zach continued to band cable on the TAO. Kadi worked on a project with excel with Coach. The Marine Group Experience         Tim and Payne put zincs on the bottom of a boat. They installed a pin on the bow of a landing craft. Payne pulled ropes and chains. They watched the Marine Group employees feather a propeller.  Weekend in Santa Barbara         On Friday evening, Margo, Payne, Zach, Miguel, and AJ drove up to Santa Barbara! Miguel stayed for one night then left. Payne is from Santa Barbara, and his parents hosted us on their boats for the weekend. When we arrived at the boat, the first thing we did was check out the engine (as any true  engineering student would). In the photo below, AJ is venturing below the deck.               Zach

Anotha Day, Anotha Juice

January 25-January 31 The NASSCO Intern Experience         This week, AJ worked on the shaft of the propeller in the TAO. Zach banded cables on the TAO. Miguel worked on pipes. Kohta wrote a manual for pipe-fitters. We had to work in the rain on Monday and Friday.            Margo had to take a few days off of work because of her sprained ankle due to an incident at the beach, so she had to limp around at home. When Margo returned to work, she worked on planning for the cable crew with her supervisor. The Marine Group Intern Experience         Tim  and Payne grinded a propeller. They also wiped up grease. This was a dirty week at work. They saw three rainbows on Friday! Our Liquid Stats         As a household of eight, we go through a lot of drinks. AJ is the orange juice king; he drinks way too much! Sometimes we call him OJ Mills, which stands for Obner Juiceph Mills, a clever spin on his actual name. (AJ is short for Abner Joseph.)          Zach loves milk. After work, Zach is milk

Anotha Week, Anotha Dolla

January 18-January 24  The NASSCO Intern Experience         This week, we all worked in our assigned departments. Kohta has his own desk in the office! Kohta has been walking around the yard and inspecting the quality of various blocks. AJ has been aligning pumps with an outside machinist and describing products to Navy representatives. Miguel has been working with a hose and trying to unclog a pipe that was not clogged up. Kadi has been working in electrical organization and has begun working on a presentation. Zach has been working on the TAO, pulling cable, and stripping cable. Margo has been managing and pulling cable on two blocks in the yard; she also attended hookup training for MOVs.         Overall, we’ve gotten found our routines this week. NASSCO’s become a familiar place, and now we know our way around the shipyard. The Marine Group Intern Experience         Payne and Tim have been hard at work at Marine Group. They’ve been busy pulling cable and unscrewing bolts. Learn mor

NASSCO's First Week of Work, Marine Group's Second Week of Work

January 11-January 17 The NASSCO Intern Experience         We work from 6:30 am-3 pm Monday-Friday. Everyday, we woke up at around 5:30 am to prepare for work and find parking on a NASSCO lot. On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, we went through employee training and a safety course. We learned about the various hazards at shipyards and what protective gear we should wear to avoid injuries.          On Tuesday, we got the opportunity to watch the boat launch of a T-AO Fleet Oiler; NASSCO launches about two ships every year, so this was a special occasion. To view photos of the launch, visit  T-AO Launch . Currently, NASSCO is constructing a second T-AO, which we have the opportunity to work on.         On Thursday and Friday, we worked in our departments. Margo, Zach, and Kadi worked in Electrical. Margo pulled cable in the shipyard and learned how to read production instructions. Zach worked on-board the T-AO. Kadi labelled and pulled cables on the T-AO.          Kohta is working in the

First Week in San Diego

January 3-January 10         Tim and Payne began work on Monday, January 4th, so they were at work from 7:30 am-4 pm everyday. NASSCO interns do not begin work until January 11th, but this week we have to fill out paperwork and get a medical examination.         While Tim and Payne were at work, the NASSCO interns explored San Diego. On Sunday night, we went to Coronado Beach then came back to our house and cooked dinner. We made chicken parmesan. On Monday, we rearranged the house a bit, and we decided that the best arrangement would have AJ sleeping on an air mattress on top of Zach and Miguel's beds (see picture below).            On Monday, we also visited La Jolla shores beach and Whispering Sands Beach. Monday was pretty cloudy, but we enjoyed walking around some of the beautiful beaches in San Diego!!         On Tuesday, we ran errands and ended the day at Coronado Beach with Tim and Payne.          On Wednesday and Thursday, we filled out paperwork and completed health exam